About Us

Our Aksum App is the most convenient, effective, and innovative way for customers to connect with the UK Black African & Caribbean Business Community. As members of the African & Caribbean community ourselves, we embarked on a mission to make it very easy to connect with amazing businesses run by the community and we have achieved that with our Aksum App. Whether you want to search our directory for the niche products and services exclusive to the community or simply wish to support UK Black African & Caribbean businesses, The Aksum App is best way to go about it!

We take pride in the fact that the Aksum App was designed with the end user in mind. The interface of the app has been intentionally designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to search for businesses based on location, save searches, and open business addresses directly with your sat-nav app were all designed to make life easier for you.

We also take pride in the fact that our app incorporates tools designed to help the businesses on our directory grow. Features including the ability to be listed as a featured business and the ability to stream multimedia business adverts directly onto our app are designed to help businesses get ahead.   

The name Aksum originates from the ancient Aksum empire. Aksum Empire was an indigenous African empire located around present day Ethiopia and Eritrea between the periods of 80 BC to 940 AD. Aksum was a superpower of its time along with China, Rome, and Persia. With innovation in agriculture and control over trade routes in the red sea, the Aksum Empire became a strong agent on international trade, with trade partners such as the Roman Empire, China, and India. Our Aksum App models itself on the Aksum empire. We are a one-stop-shop inviting every community in the UK to access the wonderful UK Black African & Caribbean businesses on our directory. Aksum App, Search And You Will Find!